On May 30th we celebrated our 30th year in business. We are so proud to have been part of the Marshfield and Central Wisconsin community for over 30 years.

We have seen many changes in the automotive industry since 1988. Technology continues to move at a staggering pace, and the internet has given consumers the ability to shop at their fingertips. This not only has created more choices for consumers, but has also assisted many consumers in making more educated decisions.

Over the years we have had to embrace those challenges and strive to stay on top of an ever-changing industry.

For 30 years we have been focused, determined, and have not detoured from our core values . Understand and listen to our customers, provide the nicest, cleanest used vehicles available in the market and treat people the way in which we expect to be treated.

This focus has allowed us to not only survive but thrive in a very competitive market. Our promise to you is that we will continue to provide you with the cleanest vehicles available, treat you like family, and provide you with the absolute best customer service possible.

Thank you Marshfield and Central Wisconsin for an incredibly rewarding 30 years in which our customers have become our family!


We opened our doors on May 30th 1988. I remember doing last minute vacuuming at 7:00am that morning and was absolutely scared to death!

At 11:00am Mr. Greg Kipp came in and purchased the very first vehicle, a 1984 Toyota SR5 pick up. We were so excited and it became the beginning of our 30 year journey!

Literally 18 years later Greg traded the 1984 Toyota back in.


Our early staff, from left back row Matt Berrier, Charlie Schnitzler, front row, Irene Griepentrog, Rick Jarvi and Duane Bey. Irene is still part of our family and has been with us since 1989.

Over the years, you can look back on the good, the great and the rotten days. No doubt, snow days are just a part of the business we could do without!

In the early years, summer came and your success was based on your promotions. One year we decided to have Elephant races and a petting zoo for children. I don’t remember selling many cars, but we had a lot of fun.


In 1993, we decided to spread our wings and open our own service department. In the early years Don’s Automotive Center was our service center of choice. They did an outstanding job and were instrumental in helping us move forward and open our own doors. We purchased Schmitty’s Car Wash and the remodel began.


In 2002 we realized we our business had outgrown our capacity. We knew we needed to combine our service center and sales operation under 1 roof. Another new path and some sleepless nights.


Our biggest challenge during construction was a temporary office. This became our new home for 4 months.


Construction began in August of 2002 and we were so fortunate to have Merkel Companies as our general contractor. In 4 short months, our facility was completed.


On January 13th  2003, Merkel Companies turned over the keys to our new facility. Charlie Schnitzler partner and co-founder dedicated our building in a ribbon cutting ceremony. It has been 15 years since that photo was taken and we are so grateful for all of the wonderful memories since that photo.

We are looking forward to the next 30 years. Thank you for being part of our history!