Danielle LeBlanc from Weston, WI

March 11, 2014

Well I bought a Chrysler 300 from Matt almost 6 years ago already. I fell in LOVE with from the first time I seen it sitting there on the lot. I decided one day to go and check I out and just look at it. Matt came out to see if I would like to test drive it, which I was nervous to do, I knew that I already loved the vehicle and it was not a cheap vehicle so I was very scared of the payments, but I thought ok Ill take it for a drive, and my fear came true I loved it even more. So I sat down and talked with Matt and he let me know everything about the vehicle, also making sure that I was warned because it is a rear -wheel drive vehicle and I am a girl haha to make sure that I was aware of how it might handle in the winter. If you stop in and talk with him he will tell you, he still remembers me!!! I have ever since purchasing my vehicle taken it there for odds and ends maintance and repairs, and the body shop guys and JIm is fantastic people to work with. I also get a postcard every year if I am ready to upgrade. The car now has quite a few miles on her and a little few niks and bruises but still runs amazing, so until it stops running amazing I will keep driving her, but soon Matt I will be back to buy a new vehicle from you!! I also got my parents to start going through them and Matt if they were internet savvy they would have wrote on here too. So from them they love Both of their vehicles they have gotten from you. I must say I really like my Dads rover.

Jordan S. from Chicago, IL

March 4, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of buying a 2012 Kia Optima from Matt at ASL. As a resident of Chicago, IL having a dependable car is a must. I needed a vehicle that I could fit in comfortably in and drive 30 traffic congested miles to work everyday. Matt made sure that he found me the right car at the right price. Since I am a taller gentleman, my number one concern was that I would not fit into my new car comfortably. This was compounded by the fact that I was not able to visit Marshfield before purchasing my vehicle. To put my hesitations at ease, Matt went out of his way to measure the leg room of my new car to make sure that I would have enough leg room. This really showed how much Matt cared about his customers, and what he is willing to do to make sure you have a great experience with your car. I am so impressed my new car. It handles great, and has been been very dependable. I am very impressed with how I was treated at ASL,

Kathy from Mosinee, WI

February 26, 2014

We recently purchased a vehicle from Associated Sales and Leasing and were very pleased with our experience. We found the vehicle on line and Pete was very quick in getting back to us to answer any questions we had. He is very friendly and helpful and not pushy. He made sure we understood what we were buying and helped us with the financing. We will definitely be going back to Associated Sales for our next vehicle.

Shelby from Marshfield, WI

November 22, 2013

I have been a customer with Associated Sales and Leasing for a number of years now (4 vehicles purchased from them). I cannot say ENOUGH good things about Matt (the owner), Pete (the sales person), Jim (Service Department) and all the people who have serviced my vehicles over the years! I have been treated so well by anyone I have ever had contact with at Associated! Matt and Pete have gone ABOVE and BEYOND during my purchases with them, and I have ALWAYS gotten a really good deal. It’s actually a very enjoyable and fun experience purchasing vehicles at Associated Sales and Leasing! How often do you hear that critique regarding a car dealership???!!! They make you want to come back and visit them….honestly they do!!! I actually look forward to when I have to go in for service just so I can visit with them for a few minutes!! If I ever have any questions, problems or concerns, I can call Pete, Matt, or Jim and am never disappointed! I am not one who understands the workings of a vehicle, (nor do I care about that…I just want to have a nice car to drive and not have to worry about that kind of stuff!!) and I can trust everyone at Associated to answer my questions or assist me with anything that I need! Being a woman I’m sure I often ask questions that would make many car salesmen shake their heads and maybe even take advantage of the situation, but NOT AT ASSOCIATED SALES AND LEASING!!! I tell anyone I know about Associated and the GREAT customer service I receive! I will ALWAYS buy from Associated! I cannot say enough good things about this company!!! Thank you, Matt, Pete, Jim and all your crew for treating me so well over the years! You know how I feel about you all! Sincerely, Shelby

Pat and Patty from Donnellson, IA

November 17, 2013

Hello. I am Pat and my wife is Patty. Live in southeast Iowa (Donnellson) 300 miles away from Matt’s dealership. We have been looking for a 1999 suburban for sometime to replace the one we lost in a fire 5 yrs. ago. Could not find any close. I hate dealing with car salesman and smoke they blow up your you know what. So when I buy something like this far away I go off of other peoples reviews and their experiences they have had. From all the suburban’s on the net. it came down to two in Wisconsin. ASL in Marshfield and Lenz in Fond Du Loc. Both 1999 suburban’s were nice that each dealer had. Thanks for reviews I went with ASL in Marshfield. I was leery even of the reviews. All 5 stars none below that. But after buying from Matt’s ASL you realize all the 5 star reviews are right on. On our 6 1/2 hour return trip home ,approximately 6 1/2 hours after we left ASL, we received a phone call from Matt to see if we were ok or home yet. Matt my Chicago Bears hat is off to you and all the staff I met at ASL.

dorothy gum from Adams, WI

October 17, 2013

ben is helping us alot and he was very helpful to us thank u very much

mattj from Marshfield, WI

August 15, 2013

I was treated wounderful by everyone here and was never left in the dark during the whole process.

John M. Kuhn from Marshfield, WI

July 29, 2013

My wife and I were so happy with our purchasing experience we plan to use Associated for all our vehicle service needs as well.

John Kuhn from Marshfield, WI

July 29, 2013

I have always thought of the car buying experience as a troublesome task, fraught with mis-direction and lies….until I came to Associated. My wife and I were amazed at the experience we had with this dealership. Pete, our salesman, was absolutely terrific. We will be using Associated from now on for all our service needs and automotive purchases.

Dakvam from St. Paul, MN

July 4, 2013

I was searching for a late model Toyota Tacoma and searched for a 200 mile radius from my home. I found a 2008 with fewer than 38,000 miles at Associated Sales & Leasing and completed an online inquiry. Pete called me right away the next morning and answered my questions about the truck. Considering the distance between me and the dealer (about 150 miles) he offered to meet roughly half way. It worked out that my sister lived in the town he suggested so we met at her place. The truck was exactly as described, that is, like it had just been driven off the showroom floor. Pete was pleasant, and while clearly a good salesman, was not pushy or overbearing. I’ve only had the truck a short time so it’s too early to say how it will work out in the long run, but all indications are that I got a very fair deal and the buying experience was great!

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